What It Takes to Create a Digital-First C-suite

Melissa Reed, Partner at H.I.E.C, authored yet another think tank piece for the WWD Magazine about the need for retail executives to know the basics of the latest technology to succeed.

From the c-suite to the sales force and through the back office, there is no hiding place. Driven by the need for connectivity in the use of big data, the new “tech skills” in retail are necessarily impacting everyone across every role and every function.

This sense of challenging and even scary brave new world — allied to often successful disruption of the traditional retailers — has led some to feel that we are somehow in the midst of a retail apocalypse.

We are not, in fact, experiencing the slow death of an industry but simply a reinvention — where current upheavals, competition and disruption will result in a better, more agile and frankly more exciting consumer-centric landscape, with technology at its core.

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