Board Services

For businesses of all sizes and sectors, board members are finding themselves under an increasing level of scrutiny from regulatory bodies and investors.

The demand to uphold corporate governance best practice, meet the demands of diversity quotas, and devise new value-adding processes are just some of the pressures that are part and parcel of being a board member in today’s business landscape.

As a result, acquiring directors with the appropriate skills and expertise is challenging. This however, has not stopped us from keeping to our 90-day guarantee when finding the right candidate for any executive vacancy presented to us.

An unmatched calibre of search
The HIEC board services faculty is one of the largest of its kind. Boasting in-depth knowledge of all sectors across our borderless global network, we collectively represent an unparalleled level of expertise.

Deep-dive reputational assessment
Throughout all of our processes, we prioritise keeping corporate reputations impermeable. To achieve long-term business progress and prosperity, HIEC assesses boards and their composition in order to put together ideal search profiles when attracting the talent our clients need.

Corporate governance and risk management
For many large businesses, corporate governance is becoming increasingly vital. We help to rebuild boards and decision-making bodies using our expansive network of specialists across numerous fields of governance, risk management and compliance.