Board Services

For businesses of all sizes and sectors, Board members face increasing scrutiny from stakeholders.

Fast-changing corporate governance regulations, increasing diversity requirements, digital skills, and pressure to provide transparent and directional leadership, all place increasing demands upon Boards.

The challenge with building effective and diverse Boards is identifying talent that matches future demands, and sourcing individuals with a premium skillset and the experience to deliver deep insight, guidance and counsel.

Innovative Approach

HIEC’s consultants take a different approach to find alternative talent sources and secure top-flight candidates for Board-level positions. We aim to truly understand organisational culture, ensuring we accurately pinpoint individuals that are that are not only the right fit – they will also transform Boards. We advise on existing Board structures, as well as developing Board teams for growth businesses and conducting full Board build-outs.

A Global Lens

The HIEC team uses its borderless global network to identify fresh talent relevant for today’s international economy. Our network with entrepreneurs in Private Equity and growth businesses, as well as established corporate executives, gives us access to candidates across a diverse talent pool.

Corporate Governance and Risk Management

For many large and publicly-listed businesses, best practice corporate governance and risk management is fundamental. We work with senior leadership to rebuild Boards and decision-making bodies through our access to experts across governance, risk management, and compliance.