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Harmonizing Circular Economy and Eco-Smart Manufacturing for a Holistic Sustainable Future by Michael Baumann

25th September 2023

In today’s world, the call for sustainability is louder than ever, and the stakes are high. The circular economy, with its transformative approach to production and consumption, has emerged as a robust answer to the crisis of resource depletion, environmental degradation, and economic inefficiency. Simultaneously, the advent of Industry 4.0 technologies has paved the way […]

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Latest Insights From HIEC

The Rise of Generative AI: Anticipating Fundamental Shifts in Work and Organizations

21st September 2023

Hunt Scanlon Media host Rob Adams spoke to H.I.E.C Managing Partner, Tony Leng, for the Podcast ‘Talent Talks’. In this episode, Tony draws upon his extensive experience as a CEO,…

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Digital Twins: The Unsung Heroes of Industry 4.0 by Lucas Schellenberg

11th September 2023

In the fascinating landscape of Industry 4.0, the spotlight often lands on artificial intelligence (AI), automation, and real-time data analytics. However, there’s another game-changing technology that deserves our attention: Digital…

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Heads Up with Marie LeBlanc, CEO Victoria Beckham

5th September 2023

Marie LeBlanc is a leading fashion executive with a remarkable career spanning several prestigious brands. Currently serving as the CEO of Victoria Beckham since September 2019, she has spent over…

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Christian Pobbig joins H.I.E.C as Partner, Software & Technology Practice

1st September 2023

H.I. Executive Consulting (H.I.E.C), the leading global transformational executive search firm, is pleased to announce the appointment of Christian Pobbig as a Partner, bringing a wealth of expertise to the…

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Embracing AI for E-commerce Growth: Insights from Industry Leaders (German)

29th August 2023

In 2023, the E-commerce sector in the USA is poised to surpass a remarkable trillion-dollar mark in revenue, while Europe’s E-commerce market is projected to reach an impressive 640 billion…

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Media & Entertainment 2023: The Year So Far by Imogen Carter

17th August 2023

A lot has happened in the world over the first half of the year and so it’s a good time to look back and reflect, whilst we consider the road…

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Heads Up with Xenia Barth, CEO, Merz Consumer Care GmbH

15th August 2023

Xenia is a highly experienced professional in consumer goods, with a proven track record in global and local Marketing, Sales, and General Management. Over her 23-year international career, she has…

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Heads Up with Nicolay Merkt, Chief Customer Officer, GALERIA Karstadt Kaufhof

11th July 2023

Nicolay Merkt is a highly experienced E-Commerce and Marketing Executive with a strength in profitable scaling B2C-business models. Currently, he serves as the Chief Customer Officer at the largest German…

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The Importance of Sustainability Leadership in Corporate Organizations

27th June 2023

The German ‘Lebensmittel Zeitung’ (leading trade and business paper of the consumer goods sector) recently published an insightful article based on an interview with Carmen Koch, Partner Consumer, Retail, and…

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Empowering LGBTQ+ Voices in the Workplace – H.I.E.C Managing Partner Heather Grayson Headlines in BentallGreenOak’s Asia Pride Panel

15th June 2023

We are delighted to announce that Heather Grayson, H.I.E.C Managing Partner based in Singapore, recently served as a keynote speaker at BentallGreenOak’s Asia Pride Alliance Panel on June 2nd. With…

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Heads Up with Michael Kliger, CEO, Mytheresa

12th June 2023

Michael Kliger is the Chief Executive Officer of Mytheresa, where he has helped the luxury online retailer scale its business while maintaining operating profitability at levels ahead of rival e-commerce…

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The CGAIO: Transforming Business with Generative AI by Tony Leng

30th May 2023

Generative AI, often referred to as the next big thing, is poised to have a profound impact on the business landscape, comparable to the introduction of the Internet. This technology…

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