H.I.E.C x Wisnio – Navigating the Future of Executive Search with Human-Centric AI

Generative AI marks a pivotal advancement in technology, with far-reaching implications across various business sectors, notably in executive search. This cutting-edge technology transcends the traditional role of automation, enhancing the precision, speed, and depth with which searches are conducted. It signifies the dawn of a new era where technology not only complements but significantly amplifies personal expertise in the executive hiring process.

Leading this innovative wave, H.I.E.C positions itself at the forefront of the executive search industry. It distinguishes itself by being among the first to transition from theory to practice, seamlessly integrating WisGPT into its search methodologies. Wisnio’s GenAI powered leadership assessment platform stands out with unparalleled access to candidate-specific talent data—drawn from proprietary assessments of personality, values, and competencies—to deliver highly personalized insights.

The synergy of AI with bespoke talent data is what renders WisGPT an exceptional and powerful tool:

  • It is meticulously designed to bolster human decision-making, ensuring that technology enhances rather than replaces the human element.
  • The insights generated by AI are grounded in scientifically validated assessment tools, ensuring reliability and depth.
  • A direct correlation is maintained between the input data and the AI-generated insights, fostering transparency and trust.


Empowered by WisGPT, H.I.E.C is revolutionising the delivery of hyper-personalized insights, thereby enabling data-driven hiring outcomes for its corporate and private equity clients. This capability allows H.I.E.C to more effectively leverage detailed information about the position, the team, and the candidates, providing insights that are both highly personalized and based on solid data.

This approach is reshaping how companies identify the right leaders, mitigating unconscious bias in the hiring process, and paving the way for the creation of higher-performing organizations.

H.I.E.C. champions secure and responsible AI use. WisGPT integration adheres to the highest security and confidentiality standards, and we strictly follow global data protection laws. This ensures client trust in WisGPT’s transformative power. Secure practices underpin our advancements.


Here’s what sets us apart

  • Human-Centric AI: WisGPT empowers our team, not replaces them. It acts as a powerful guide, highlighting relevant information and insights to inform human decisions throughout the executive search process.


  • Anonymized Data Inputs: We prioritize responsible AI use. To ensure data privacy, all data fed into WisGPT models is anonymized. This ensures sensitive personal information is never revealed.

Richard Brennan, Global Managing Partner, H.I.E.C:

“The partnership between H.I.E.C and Wisnio symbolizes more than just technological advancement; it represents our commitment to setting new benchmarks in executive search. With WisGPT, we’re not only forecasting the future of talent acquisition but actively shaping it to ensure unparalleled results for our clients.”

WisGPT in action

Empowered by WisGPT, H.I.E.C. unlocks a new dimension of talent insights, transforming the executive search process. Here are a few examples:


  • Leadership Team Alignment Analysis: H.I.E.C. can now incorporate detailed assessments of existing leadership teams into the hiring process. This analysis, traditionally a time-intensive manual task, can now be completed in real-time by WisGPT, evaluating thousands of data points to assess candidate fit with the team’s core values and identify complementary strengths.


  • Calibrated Candidate Selection: WisGPT facilitates a more nuanced approach to position analysis. By considering the role’s key objectives (e.g., the value creation plan) and the existing team’s assessment data, WisGPT helps pinpoint critical skill gaps that need to be filled by the new hire. This laser focus allows H.I.E.C. to identify candidates with the most impactful contributions.

Example leadership team alignement analysis on the Wisnio platform with WisGPT.

Example position competency mapping in Wisnio.


Looking ahead, the partnership between H.I.E.C and Wisnio is poised to continuously evolve, reflecting the dynamic nature of both technology and the global business landscape. As generative AI technologies mature and become more integrated into various business processes, the potential for innovative applications and improved outcomes in executive search and beyond is boundless.


Richard Brennan, Global Managing Partner, H.I.E.C

Please feel free to contact Richard directly via email rbrennan@hiec.com should you have any questions or would like to discuss the above or anything else further.