Inclusion & Diversity

As leaders across the globe search for new ways to innovate & transform businesses, diversity in the workplace has become a business priority.

Achieving diversity at executive level

From local start-ups to global corporations, businesses are waking up to the benefits of a diverse workforce.

Now more than ever women are being encouraged to lean in and grab opportunities as they arise. But many of the corporate structures necessary to support this talent pool are missing, leaving businesses unable to truly harness the multitude of economic and social benefits. We are now seeing that the progress made in early 2000s has stagnated in the recent years, leaving many firms wondering what’s wrong with their current strategies.

Faced with a broad spectrum of issues including unconscious bias on hiring committees, gender disparity in the boardroom and the absence of frameworks to support women’s return to the workforce, a methodical, company-wide and human centric approach to diversity is paramount.

We know what works

We firmly believe that assigning blame for “not enough progress” is counter-productive – diversity should not be about pointing fingers or forcing management’s hand; progression should be celebrated. We work closely with boards and leadership teams to define key success metrics that are achievable and complementary to existing business structures. This way we achieve transparency, accountability and long-term profitability for clients

Take a Strategic Approach to Executive Search

Equality in the workplace begins for the top, so our Executive Search services are structured to reflect the growing need to hire diverse leaders. We assemble diverse search teams from several global locations for every assignment to foster creativity and offer clients a different perspective. We look at assignment briefs to remove biased terminology and often expand searches to outside geographies and sectors. We also commit to gender balance targets at the longlist and shortlist stages, resulting in more women progressing through to interviews.

Create a Culture of Change

Our Advocates of Change Programme encourages key influencers to champion gender balance at all levels of your organisation. By celebrating participation (and not forcing remediation), we inspire influential leaders to drive the change. Companies who completed the programme have now become a more inclusive workplace and as a result, they are able to attracted more diverse talent all-together. 

Introduce A Supportive Return To Work Programme

Our Return to Work Programme helps clients to bridge women’s transition back into the workplace after a career break through tailor-made training and networking opportunities. The programme develops a better corporate environment for female staff and creates a stronger pipeline for diverse leadership teams.

Minimise Unconscious Bias (and make better decisions)

Our brains are wired to take automatic shortcuts and make snap judgements. Using practical exercises and insightful data, our Unconscious Bias training shows senior executives the negative impact of the assumptions we make in the workplace. The sessions showcase how to make more objective decisions, boosting equality in the workplace and improving employee engagement.