Digital Leadership

The exponential rise of digital has disrupted traditional business models, from financial services to consumer goods, from real estate to industrial, beyond recognition, and computing power has pushed human productivity into another dimension. From cloud computing to 3D printing, big data to industry 4.0, businesses today are living through a digital revolution.

Many of today’s multi-billion dollar businesses were born online, with digital in their DNA. Incumbent organisations are learning to put digital first and tap into new markets enabled by technology. Digital is redefining success in business, and a talent strategy that thinks beyond the analogue is essential to ensure businesses meet the challenges of the new economy.

In traditional organisations, digital talent can initiate and drive a transformation process, while for high-growth companies, the focus is on the ability to address scalability challenges. In the new business reality, digital natives are being offered more seats in the boardroom to use their expertise and help leadership teams develop new strategies.

To harness the power of digital disruption, you will need a partner who can identify and engage with digital talent from across the globe. At HIEC, we help our clients define a talent strategy that supports their goals from developing innovative business models to activating new revenue sources.

We help define critical talent needs and requirements along three key dimensions:

Blend of digital skills

From San Francisco to London, Berlin to Singapore, we have the ability to tap into the talent ecosystems of start-ups, digital academies, ‘bricks-and-clicks’ businesses in the world’s largest digital hubs. Through our network and access to these critical talent pools, we can help you to make the right hires to drive your digital agenda.

Size and scope

We look for expertise in key competencies across industries, sectors and geographies that not only fit the brief, but also the level of complexity of your organisational structure.

Interpersonal style

We look for candidates with the leadership characteristics and style best-suited to your company’s culture. By taking the time to understand the big picture, we avoid the ‘old world vs. new world’ cultural clash which can be a major challenge with digital hires.