Retailers Bridge the Digital Gap With Tech C-suite Positions

In her recent article for WWD, Melissa Reed, Partner at H.I.E.C, discusses how changes in leadership hiring strategy can help bridge the digital gap for retailers.

In the article, Reed writes: “It is a known challenge that the retail industry has not (traditionally) been an environment that has attracted innovative and visionary technology leaders. But it is going to have to find them, as industry-changing technologies that have been widely vaunted are entering a new era of adoption. The potentialities of augmented and virtual reality, robotics, artificial intelligence, voice, and visual search to reach new customers and to sharpen the competitive edge are impossible to ignore.”

“Alongside the talent agenda, increasing numbers of retailers and brands are also investing in incubators to develop and test new technologies, which can challenge their larger parent organizations with new ways of thinking. For companies such as Walmart, Target and Foot Locker, this is a powerful pull to the rising talent they wish to attract.”

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