Tim Robson’s Interview with The Tech Talks Daily Podcast, featuring Dr Anita Sands

Tim Robson, Global Managing Partner at H.I.E.C, recently spoke with Neil Hughes from The Tech Talks Daily Podcast. For this second Podcast of the series titled “Creating Belonging for Remote New Hires and Leadership Teams”, we were thrilled to have Dr Anita Sands joining.

Anita is a US based board director for ServiceNow, Pure Storage, ThoughtWorks and others, she is an author, speaker, professor in entrepreneurship at Princeton University, and a writer for Forbes.

The podcast discusses Tim and Anita’s experiences in remotely hiring executives and board members in the digital ecosystem during COVID-19, and how to create cultural belonging for those new C-Suite hires.

For example, since COVID, board and leadership teams have had to make most senior hires in enterprise technology and services entirely without in-person meetings. H.I.E.C has appointed tens of executives and board directors worldwide without any in-person meetings, including CEOs and board members. Who would have ever thought that a few months ago?

Tim Robson and Anita Sands will give their views on these topics and more – Click below to hear the full podcast.


Thank you for listening!