The H.I.E.C Private Equity Podcast

The HIEC Private Equity Podcast is a series of in-depth discussions with some of the most significant and insightful personalities impacting critical areas in business and related Private Equity topics of the moment.

In this first episode, our host Edward Fanshawe , welcomes David Gleason, Chief Data and Analytics Officer at Virgin Money and a widely respected Senior Private Equity Advisor on all things Data, Analytics, and Digital.

David was, until recently the Chief Data Officer of Deutsche Bank’s Corporate Bank, having built data platforms that focused on generating revenue as well as managing the risks associated with data.

Entrepreneurial, deeply thoughtful, great fun and able to deliver real value, David has held similar senior data roles at the likes of JPMorgan, Bank of New York Mellon, AIG and Credit Suisse, amongst others.

We hope you enjoy the podcast, we would welcome your comments and ideas for future conversations.

You can listen to the podcast here: