CIO Leadership Qualities required for a successful Digital Transformation by Tony Leng

For a successful digital transformation, there are two domains that the Chief Information Officer or Chief Digital Officer (CIO/CDO) needs to be effective in for them to have impact. Tony Leng loosely calls these Technology and Leadership. Many people also refer to Process (people, process, and technology), but for this paper he is focusing on Leadership and Technology solely.

An organization needs to have a clear picture on how it will be structured and then make decisions about Engagement, Data, Compute, Technical Architecture, and Risk (which includes Cyber). Technology is important, but if you can’t communicate the strategy effectively and lead the transformation that goes with it, business value won’t be achieved.

This is a CEO/Board level summary of what it takes to digitally transform an organization and the type of CIO/CDO leader that will help you be successful. Please read the full paper here:

CIO Leadership Qualities required for a successful Digital Transformation 


Author: Tony Leng

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