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Software Club Market Update June 2024

20th June 2024

We will be sharing monthly US/European Software market updates with our community and we will also be able to share subsector deep dives, revealing some remarkable trends and businesses of…

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H.I.E.C and Software Club Forge Strategic Partnership

20th June 2024

H.I. Executive Consulting (H.I.E.C), a leading global executive search firm, is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with Software Club (or SWC), one of the most exciting fundamental business value…

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Does your organization need a Chief Generative AI Officer? Pt. IV – The Board Dimension

18th June 2024

AI is already impacting core Board governance functions, such as strategy, risk management, financial stewardship, and regulatory compliance. If there is any doubt about the seriousness and sense of urgency,…

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Does your organization need a Chief Generative AI Officer? Pt. III – Role & Responsibilities

11th June 2024

The CAIO/CGAIO has different profile and responsibilities compared to ‘traditional’ Chief Data and Analytics Officer. Perhaps as a sign of the times, on March 28 2024, even the White House…

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Introducing the H.I.E.C HR Pulse Survey Report 2024

5th June 2024

As we step into 2024, the landscape of Human Resources is rapidly evolving, presenting both opportunities and challenges for organizations across the globe. To help navigate these changes, we conducted…

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Does your organization need a Chief Generative AI Officer? Pt. II – Ecosytem & Next Steps

4th June 2024

If you track the VC’s they are investing heavily into GenAI and there are multiple themes. Examples: Full Stack (end user apps with proprietary models). End Apps without proprietary models…

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Does your organization need a Chief Generative AI Officer? Pt. I – What moves should the TTO make right now

23rd May 2024

We speak to a lot of Top Technology Officers (TTO =CIO, CDO CTO etc.), and all have pressure from their CEO, Board, Vendors, Peers, and many others to articulate how…

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Navigating the Future of Manufacturing with AI: A Leadership Perspective by Lucas Schellenberg

14th May 2024

In the rapidly evolving landscape of modern manufacturing, artificial intelligence (AI) stands out as a transformative force, reshaping the traditional paradigms of production and operational efficiency. As Global Managing Partner…

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H.I. Executive Consulting (H.I.E.C) ranks among Forbes ‘Top 30 Best Executive Recruiting Firms’

7th May 2024

H.I. Executive Consulting (H.I.E.C) is delighted to announce its inclusion in Forbes' prestigious list of America's Best Executive Recruiting Firms for the sixth consecutive year. The awards list was announced…

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Heads Up with Stefan Haenisch, Head of Strategic Workforce Planning, SAP

23rd April 2024

Stefan Haenisch is the Head of Strategic Workforce Planning at SAP. Appointed to this role in 2022, Stefan is working alongside SAP’s executive board and executive leadership team to realign…

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Heads Up with Eve Henrikson, GM Uber Eats, NED Lloyds Bank Corporate Markets and NED at Sonae

17th April 2024

Eve Henrikson is Non-Executive Director at Lloyds Bank Corporate Markets - a subsidiary of Lloyds Banking Group as well as Sonae, a EURONEXT listed portfolio businesses. In her executive career…

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