Financial Services & Real Estate

The digitisation of Real Estate, Infrastructure, Financial Services, Insurance and Banking & Asset Management, have created complex structures that demand transformative leadership.


Our work with multi-billion dollar market leaders and regional newcomers across Asia, Europe, North America and the Middle East, means we understand the unique type of talent required to drive corporations in these sectors to outperform their competitors.

Real Estate

As the sector that drives how people live, work and shop around the world, the real estate market is inherently complex.

We understand these complexities and the challenges of the real estate market.  We have worked with multi-billion market leaders and regional newcomers across Asia, Europe, North America and the Middle East and we understand the type of unique and multifaceted talent required to navigate and propel the sector across these diverse regions.

The HIEC Real Estate Team have a distinguished track record in placing exceptional candidates across a multitude of Real Estate functions across most sub-sectors including:

  • Real Estate Private Equity
  • Real Estate Finance
  • Asset Management
  • Development
  • Infrastructure
  • Corporate Real Estate
  • Professional Services & Consultancies
  • Retail & Hospitality


As the basic systems and facilities that underpin society, Infrastructure plays an integral role in the ongoing economic and social development of nations.

We understand the importance of infrastructure and the challenges within the sector because of the significance on its stakeholders. Across the globe we have worked across the value chain of infrastructure from high level strategic and project finance advisers, feasibility and implementation consultants, through to delivery consultants and developers as well as owners and operators.

We have an enviable track record at HIEC in placing outstanding candidates across the wider infrastructure spectrum including:

Management Consultants
Infrastructure Finance
Professional Services & Consultancies
Infrastructure Funds
Infrastructure Operators

Financial Services

The explosion of technology and data-driven processes across all sectors of financial services has not only placed more pressure on the dynamism of the institutions themselves, but also on the individuals responsible for guiding them through these changes unscathed.

In the face of rapidly changing consumer behaviours and expectations, financial services institutions are having to reinvent their business models, infrastructures and working cultures in order to remain safe from business risk.

Fintechs and traditional institutions alike need leaders who are bold enough to embrace the disruptive nature of Fintech, and nimbly recentre their strategies around it. Senior Fintech roles take exceptional agility and knowledge which empowers leaders to remain abreast of enabling technologies, anticipate regulatory changes and invest in the right areas of learning.

At HIEC, we have been placing exceptional candidates in senior financial services roles long before the emergence of Fintech, completing challenging executive search assignments across the following institutions:

  • Asset management, institutional capital investments, asset serving, alternative investments
  • Private banking, private wealth management
  • Corporate banking, capital markets, corporate finance
  • Insurance (all divisions) and related areas

Find out more about the successes we have helped to enable across the areas of Fintech and traditional financial services.

Learn how we can find you the resource you need to achieve truly disruptive practices within the finance sector and enquire with us today.


The insurance industry faces a number of complex challenges, ranging from low interest rates and demographic trends in life insurance to the long term impact of self-driving cars and climate change in P&C.

Insurance companies usually have a mid- and long-term focus which has built the basis for stability and sustainable success over the past years. However, this also leads to high amount of legacy systems and a cultural as well as technological environment in which innovation and quick adaptation to new customer needs and regulatory changes are difficult to achieve.

Based on our excellent understanding of the traditional insurance industry as well as digital transformation and new, fully digital business models and value streams, H.I. Executive Consulting is in a unique position to enable the success of our clients in a world dominated by change, new market entrants and the vast opportunities of new technologies such as AI and robotic process automation.

Our clients are leading international and national Life, Non-Life, Reinsurance and Health Insurance companies as well as PE- and VC-backed Insurtech companies and innovative new market entrants. This allows us to select the insurance leaders who can guarantee both the present and future success of our clients.

Reference Projects

  • Member of the Executive Committee – Retail bank
  • Global Head of Digital & Retail Marketing – Leading multinational bank
  • CEO, Wealth Management – European private bank
  • Group Head HR – Private bank
  • Chief Commercial Officer – German-based Neo Bank
  • Non-Executive Director – PE-backed Fintech
  • Chief Revenue Officer – US HQ’d VC-backed payments platform
  • President, Financial Services Division – Leading US HQ’d insurance firm
  • Chief Marketing Officer – European InsurTech
  • Director of Development – Leading real estate development company
  • Chief Financial Officer – Singapore-based REIT
  • Chief Executive Officer – Regional hospitality platform
  • Chief Operating Officer, Hong Kong – Global luxury real estate brand